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Why Choose our Trust

Since iExel was established, we have continued to grow in strength – both in our commitment to outstanding education, and in our contributions to the community and wider society.

We pride ourselves on raising pupil attainment, sharing business resources, gaining strong and professional leadership, and centralising decision making, without comprising identity and legacies. By working together, we will be able to achieve even bigger and better outcomes for our students, our staff, our schools and our communities. We recognise there is always more that can be done and so we would seek out areas of excellence within your school which can be shared as best practice across the Trust.

In exchange, becoming a member of our Trust will enhance provision further and provide all young people and staff within your school with a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Improving learning and raising standards through outstanding education
  • Investing in high quality provision, learning spaces and the very best facilities and technology for both students and staff 
  • Enhancing professional development and career opportunities in a supportive and nurturing environment to support recruitment and retention across the sector and offer more variety to staff
  • Increasing levels of collaboration across our Trust community
  • Shaping innovation and offering students opportunities to engage in key subjects including STEM
  • Combining and sharing knowledge for the strongest leadership that can tackle challenges and create solutions together
  • Achieving economies of scale by purchasing resources as a Trust rather than individual schools

By joining iExel, our commitment to you is enabling your school to have an equal share of voice in shaping the direction of the Trust and being able to access ample support and opportunities.