Feversham Girls' Receive National Attendance Award

14th Jun 2023

FGA Frontage

Feversham Girls’ Academy (FGA), part of the iExel Education Trust family, received the prestigious "National School Attendance Award" from the Fischer Family Trust (FFT), a school data charity. The award recognizes the school's outstanding attendance figures during the Spring Term 2022/23, positioning it among the top 25 percent of schools nationwide.
Efforts to promote good attendance are evident throughout the school, with reminders for students to schedule medical appointments on weekends and during school holidays.
Principal Sajida Muneer expressed pride in the students, parents, and staff for their dedicated efforts in achieving this remarkable outcome. She highlighted the significance of this accomplishment, considering that secondary schools in Bradford had an overall attendance rate in the bottom 10 percent nationally. Thus, being placed in the top 25 percent is a noteworthy achievement for Feversham Girls’ Academy. It is a testament to FGA’s belief that consistent attendance plays a vital role in maximising learning opportunities and ensuring academic success.
Professor M. Khurshid Khan, CEO of iExel Education Trust, said: “After a great deal of thought, hard-work and investment, we are delighted to see Feversham Girls’ Academy being recognised for its exceptional attendance performance. This award reflects the dedication and commitment of our students, staff, and parents. The recognition also reaffirms iExel’s key pursuit of educational excellence.“