IQRA Rolls Royce Special Merit Award

16th Jun 2023

Rr schools prize special merit award logo

We are thrilled to announce that IQRA Academy has been honored with a £1,000 Special Merit Award in the prestigious Rolls-Royce Schools Prize for Science & Technology (2022-24). This recognition comes because of an outstanding proposal submitted by our remarkable students. Their proposal outlines a school-wide initiative that investigates the ability of specific plants to reduce air pollution in our school and local community.

Each year, approximately 1,500 schools nationwide submit proposals aimed at promoting science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) with an emphasis on sustainability. Being among the select group of fewer than 30 schools chosen for the Special Merit Award is a tremendous achievement. The funds received will be used to further develop our project, and we also can compete for an additional £5,000 as one of the five finalists.

Starting in September, our project will provide students with a valuable opportunity to deepen their understanding of plants and their impact on our world. Through this endeavor, they will enhance their knowledge of biology and gain practical experience in nurturing and cultivating these plants to ensure their growth and well-being. We aspire to collaborate with botanical gardens and other initiatives globally to expand our project and nurture our students as environmentally conscious and digitally-literate future citizens.

IQRA Principal Andrea Ives, said ‘“We are extremely pleased to be receiving this award and the STEM learning opportunities it will give our pupils in September.”

Professor M. Khurshid Khan, CEO of iExel Education Trust, said: “I am thrilled at the announcement that IQRA Academy has been honoured with Special Merit Award from the Rolls-Royce Schools Prize for Science & Technology. This remarkable achievement fills me with great joy and pride, as it reflects the exceptional dedication of our students and educators to excellence in STEM education and their innovative approach to addressing environmental challenges.”