Educational Summer Holiday Activities for Families in Bradford

24th Jul 2023


Ilkley nature walks

iExel would like to thank our community for a great school year and wish everyone an enjoyable summer break.

The holidays provide a wonderful time for families in Bradford to explore their local area, bond, and continue learning in an exciting way. While it's essential for children to take a break from school, engaging in educational activities during the holidays can be both enjoyable and enriching. Here are five local, budget-friendly tips that families can try out in Bradford and the wider West Yorkshire area:

  • Nature Walks and Scavenger Hunts in Ilkley Moor: Ilkley Moor, located just a short distance from Bradford, offers stunning landscapes and abundant wildlife. Take your family on a nature walk through this beautiful area. Create a scavenger hunt list with items like unique plant species, rock formations, or local bird species to spot during the hike. Encourage children to learn about the significance of preserving natural habitats and the importance of wildlife conservation.
  • Reading Challenge at Bradford Libraries: Bradford boasts a network of libraries that offer an impressive collection of books for all age groups. Plan a family reading challenge and visit your local library to choose books that spark your children's interests. Reading together will not only strengthen family bonds but also foster a love for literature. Many libraries also host storytelling sessions and literary events during the summer, providing extra opportunities for learning and entertainment.
  • Cooking and Baking Workshops at Leeds Kirkgate Market: Leeds Kirkgate Market, a short drive from Bradford, is the perfect place to experience a vibrant culinary atmosphere. Engage your children in cooking and baking workshops offered by local vendors. They can learn about various cuisines, cooking techniques, and cultural diversity while trying out delicious recipes. This hands-on experience will not only teach them valuable life skills but also open their minds to new flavours and traditions.
  • DIY Science Experiments at Eureka! The National Children's Museum: A visit to Eureka! in Halifax, West Yorkshire, guarantees a day filled with fun and interactive learning. This award-winning museum is designed specifically for children, offering hands-on exhibits and science workshops. While exploring the museum, children can delve into various science concepts through exciting experiments. From understanding the human body to exploring the wonders of physics, Eureka! will ignite their curiosity and passion for learning.
  • Historical Outings to Saltaire Village: Plan a historical outing to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Saltaire Village, located near Bradford. This Victorian model village provides a unique opportunity to step back in time and learn about the Industrial Revolution and the philanthropic endeavours of Sir Titus Salt. Explore the Salts Mill, visit the David Hockney Gallery, and learn about the textile heritage of the region. Encourage your children to ask questions and discover the rich history of West Yorkshire.

The summer holidays in West Yorkshire offer countless opportunities for families to create lasting memories while engaging in educational activities. Help create brighter futures for your children by embracing these local gems and make this summer a truly memorable and enriching one for your family!